A Hair Salon for Women

Our trusted professionals can maintain the look you already love; create the updated look you’ve been wanting; even provide a makeover from simple to complete. Whether it’s a smart, professional style that’s easy to maintain or something more involved that requires more maintenance, we can help you with the look you want. Has this ever happened to you? You went to a salon, no one listened, and you left with a hairstyle you weren’t happy with. And what made the experience so disappointing wasn’t the money spent as much as the experience that failed. Well, we’re here to listen to you. As our client, you’re a respected part of our salon family. Tell us what you like about your hair and what you’d like even more. We can give you ideas about what works for you and your lifestyle. We’ll also explain in easy- to-understand ways how to maintain your style and what’s good for your hair health. All About Hair & Beauty is all about caring for you. Thinking of a new cut and style? Choosing the best look isn’t easy. Because you’re beautiful, you deserve a style that compliments the shape of your face and is easy to maintain. We want you to leave with a fantastic look. Let us help you with the right choice and show you how to maintain that fantastic look. If you have a busy lifestyle with workouts, the office, and going out in the evening, then a more efficient style may be the right choice for you. Please keep in mind short or “trendy” styles often require more frequent trips to the salon. You’ll probably need to budget your time to be back for a visit every four (at most six) weeks. We also consider the texture of your hair. Fine, medium or coarse hair all require very different upkeep. And if you have thick hair, we can thin or texturize it to make it more manageable. Let’s talk about what you want. When you bring us photos of the style you’d like, include front, back, and side photos if you can. A hairstyle for a narrow face doesn’t always work for an oval-shaped face. But with subtle changes we can still give you the look you want.

A Hair Salon for Men

Hair for Men – It’s Not Just a Haircut. So many men think a haircut is just a haircut. It’s what their dad’s and uncles said. And it worked out just fine for them, back then. These days men change jobs more often and are more in tune with their health. That makes great haircuts and hair care more important today than ever before. Depending upon lifestyle and workplace, a haircut makes a statement – at the least, it should be part of a well put-together personal style. And whether it’s making a presentation to the boss or making that first first- impression, looking your best gives you an edge. It’s an edge you deserve. You’re worth it. From ages 5 to 85, our people know how to help you look your best at any age. And if do you ask - we’ll be honest and answer all your grooming questions. We’ll even let you know if you need to tame your eyebrows, ears, etc. - or how to make the most of the hair that you have for a younger look. Today, color for men is everywhere. Color, highlights, and even blending gray (in case it’s coming in a little too fast) can have a very natural and healthy look. For a lot of guys, that beard needs a little touch-up before anything else, and we do that too. Stop by and check us out. We’re happy to give free advice on what’s good for your hair, a style that suits your head/face shape, or just talk about what you want for your personal look. After all, it’s all about your style, your way.

Hair Cuts-Kids & Teens

Because your kids — from tots to teens — are beautiful Little boys and girls should have a clean, good-looking haircut. But as kids grow into their teens hairstyles need to change. As parents, we know that all too often they want an extreme look they see on social media. And it’s usually too soon for that. As they grow, some of their features are changing faster than others (ears, noses, weight, etc.). Mom and Dad recognize these changes as part of growing up. But kids often see this self-image as permanent. It’s a time when they can become too self-critical and lose confidence. And those feelings can be long-lasting. We can help. In a sensitive and compassionate way, we can help them realize a style that complements their features and gives them a fresh, flattering look without going “too far.”

Here Comes the Bride

– and the Bridal Party. Brides are beautiful, so we specialize in doing hair for the bride and the bridal party. Your wedding to-do list can seem endless. And you want everything to look just right. So, not only do you want to look your most beautiful, but the wedding party should look great too. In addition to coordinating the dresses, colors, and motif of your wedding, on your picture perfect day, you’ll also want your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and key relatives to look their best. Let us make this part easy for you. We can open our salon during off-hours or even travel offsite. We can provide make-up artist(s) as part of the package. Because you have a tight schedule on that special day, we can reserve several stylists so everyone is ready on time. Don’t forget the groomsmen – a sharp look for all of them will photograph so much better. All you have to do is contact us well in advance for a consultation, trial set, and scheduling.

Eyebrow Threading

While many people get their eyebrows waxed, more and more people are turning to eyebrow threading to tame their brows. Unlike waxing, threading is more precise and helps you achieve the exact shape you desire. Since wax can irritate skin, many people like threading because it is gentler on the skin – it only takes out the hair without touching the underlying skin. If you want clean and defined brows, come to All About Hair & Beauty Salon for our eyebrow threading services! Our eyebrow threading services are much quicker than waxing, and we offer low prices for our services. This makes it fast, easy, and affordable! We’ll have your brows looking nice and neat in no time. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today! Our team is looking forward to helping you look your very best.

Brazilian Blowouts

A Brazilian blowout is a treatment used for damaged, processed, or frizzy hair. It can be applied on fine, course, and curly hair, as well as hair that has been permed or has had extensions. This treatment will leave your hair straight, shiny, and frizz-free! If you want slick, straight hair that is easily manageable, come to All About Hair & Beauty Salon for a Brazilian blowout! We offer high quality services at affordable rates, so you never have to break the bank to make your hair look even better. Our hair stylists know just what to do to make your hair look its very best. Our Brazilian blowout treatment will make your hair straight while still having body and bounce to it. If you’re tired of spending a ton of time each morning trying to tame your hair, a Brazilian blowout is perfect for you!

Hair Highlights

Hair highlights are a great way to brighten up your look without making such a drastic change to your hair. Highlight can be beautifully subtle or vibrantly dramatic. No matter what look you’re going for, let the salon stylists at All About Hair & Beauty Salon do it for you! We offer our professional talents at reasonable rates, so anyone can look their best at an affordable price! We offer many different hair highlights services. We can adjust the amount of highlights you want in your hair to change how bright or dark your hair appears. If you want something subtle, try baby lights! Or, if you want to darken your look, we also do low lights. In addition, we do everything from ombre to balayage in order to create that smooth transition from light to dark tones. If you’re looking to get hair highlights, come to our beauty salon today!

Your Healthy Hair

A few words about hair maintenance and products - We will never push products to you. You spend enough on your style. You don’t need a shelf full of things that complicate your daily routine. That said, we will tell you what works and what doesn’t. We use excellent products to take care of your hair. And we do sell the maintenance and finishing products we use to give you that fantastic look. So, if you want to keep that ‘just styled feeling’, we’ll be happy to provide those products to you. Cheap versus Value - Keep in mind that most “off-the-shelf box products” are not compatible with professional salon products. Also, inexpensive bargain shampoos and conditioners often strip your hair of nutrients. That quick “store touch-up”? It can affect your color and hurt your hair. When you come in, please tell us if you recently did a “touch-up” at home with an “off-the-shelf product” – especially a henna-based product. We can do a quick hair-prep that will make all the difference. Want to know the brands that are safer? Just ask us – we can help by suggesting cost-effective alternatives. We are the color experts! From summer highlights to winter low-lights, blondes, browns and reds, transitioning to a completely different color – even the latest trends like platinum, blue, purple and more we have mastered the art of dyeing hair all sorts of shades. Come see us for a consultation.